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Modular Instant Building System (MIBS)
Patent Pending
- MIBS focuses on 2 to 4 storeys permanent buildings
- Using steel and concrete structure
- Most parts of modular building structure containing foundations, main columns, beams,      concrete walls, ceilings and roofs
- Using strengthened light concrete boards (i.e. wall panel) to divide difference areas
All connections joint must be prefab at design step
All prefab modules can been assembled with welding, screws or mortar
Highlight waterproof

The Advantages 

Lower Costs:

  OVER 50% onsite working time and cost of construction could be reduced.

Reduce particular skill labour onsite:

  Whole building is almost modularized. Only limited process requested concrete and rebar   reinforcement fixing works


  MIBS is able to build a large number of PERMANENT houses within a short period of time.

Eco friendly:

  Approximate 70-80% construction material can be reused or recycle after destruction

Strength, Stable and Comfortability
Flexible for transportation & hoisting systems
MIBS may use in

1) Common buildings 

2) For post-disaster emergency shelters

3) For less developing regions

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